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        On July 10, 2020, the Department of industry and information technology of Shandong Province issued the document No. 109 of lgxj [2020] and published the catalogue of innovative industrial products of Shandong Province in 2020. The Department of industry and information technology of Shandong Province calls on the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology and relevant units to strengthen the propaganda and promotion of innovative industrial products and policy support, so as to promote the application of innovative industrial products in various fields. At the same time, the relevant enterprises are required to further improve the level of research and development of new technologies, new products and new processes, enhance the reputation and market competitiveness of Shandong's innovative industrial products, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in our province.

        Our company's "knife roller cutting rice mill" product list is famous, which marks that our company's products have taken a solid step towards high-quality development.

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