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        promote red culture to carry forward the spirit of The Times

        On June 19, 2021, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the Party Committee of Tongtai Group organized all in-service Party members to "Rizhao Jiazishan Campaign Memorial Hall", under the leadership of Zhang Wensong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, to carry out the Party Day themed "Carry Forward the Red Culture and Inherit the Spirit of the Times", to guide the Party members to learn the Party history, strengthen the Party spirit and keep the original aspiration.

        Under the guide of the narrator, all the party members recalled that period of time happened in the sunshine on the earth arduous and magnificent struggle history. All Party members have seen rich historical relics and detailed historical and historical materials, understood the background and process of the Battle of Jiazishan, and gained a more vivid and profound understanding of the glorious history of the Battle of Jiazishan, the heroic deeds of the combatants, and the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs. Revived the revolutionary momentous years, received a systematic education of revolutionary tradition and patriotism education party class.

        Remember the history, can better move into the future. Visiting the Red Base is not only the exercise of the Party spirit, the baptism of the soul, but also a spiritual "calcium". Through visiting study, all the party members are determined to learn the history of the party, constantly learn from the history of the party to absorb the red power, unswervingly inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the older generation of revolutionary ancestors. Everyone has expressed that in the future work, we should stick to the original aspiration, bravely undertake the mission, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party members, and offer a tribute to the centenary of the founding of the Party with practical actions.

        In the memorial hall, all the party members held a ceremony to "review the pledge to join the party, remember the mission of the beginning". Facing the bright red flag, all the party members raised their right fist and solemnly swore an oath. Clank oath, inspired the party cadres based on their own duty as an example of the sense of responsibility and mission, inspired the majority of party members firmly love the party, patriotic, with the party to go with the ideals and beliefs.

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