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        Vice mayor Lv Xiangyong to the company research

        On March 2, Vice Mayor Lv Xiangyong led a team to investigate the employment situation of enterprises in our company, accompanied by Sun Yunguo, deputy secretary of district Working Committee and director of District Management Committee, and Xu Mingqi, member of district Working Committee and minister of Party-mass Work Department.

        During the investigation, Lv Xiangyong inspected our company's food processing machinery production workshop, industrial pump product production workshop, and held a symposium, listened to the group chairman Ma Zhixian on the enterprise's situation report.

        Lv Xiangyong pointed out: manufacturing enterprises are generally difficult to employ workers, difficult employment and other problems, requiring all levels of departments to strengthen factor security, take the initiative to understand the demands of enterprises, timely solve the labor, technology and other difficulties encountered in the process of production and operation of enterprises; We need to strengthen the publicity of policies that benefit enterprises, take multiple measures to earnestly implement policies to reduce taxes and burdens, and make full use of relevant policies to create a sound development environment for enterprises to "go light and go fast" and ensure that enterprises enjoy more and better policy support.

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