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        Human resources
        Core values: the needs of society and users are our biggest goals, and customers are our biggest centers.

        Enterprise spirit: unity, cooperation, struggle and dedication

        Management principles: the pursuit of excellence, innovation unlimited

        Business purpose: to serve the society and return to the society

        Quality policy: striving for excellence, meeting customer needs, innovating infinitely, and achieving continuous improvement.

        Quality objectives: the annual technological innovation achievement is not less than 5 items, the qualified rate of manufactured products is not less than 99.5%, and the customer satisfaction rate is above 95%.

        Talent values: as long as there are stage, everyone is talent.
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        Tongtai pump industry£º0633£­8285027/8285573 Tongtai Grain£º0633£­8285575/8285648
        Pressure vessel£º0633£­8285027/82855738 
        Low voltage electrical apparatus£º0633£­8286857
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